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PalingpertamaDotCom shelter with the legality of the company Global Edutek Solusindo, PT or abbreviated GETS Established in 2010, which began as a community gathering technology, but with a growing demand from personal, corporate and government, then in 2015 GETS legal entity. GETS is a Creative Company that provides a solution to the problem of creative and technological solutions as well as providing what the company needs, and refers to the system design based enterprise applications, networks, hardware, software, design needs of both emerging companies and companies advanced.


Building a company image and maintain loyalty to partners, therefore we GETS present as one of your key partners to provide a creative solution to the needs of a company, especially in web development and it solution.


The initial step as Creative Company that maximize their creative resources, evolve as Corporate Creative Industry and be a global leader in the creative industries.


  1. Providing Solutions in any technology issues.
  2. Presenting visual style conceptual design.
  3. Accuracy and Maximum Results are our main services.
  4. Owns and build Creative Resources.
  5. Expand the network of various aspects of business.